The Emergency Management Division is a branch of the Office of Emergency Services. The Clarion County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for the four phases of Emergency Management. The four phases are mitigation, preparing, response and recovery. To accomplish these phases, the Emergency Management Staff work closely with the Clarion County Commissioners, other municipal leaders, first responders and other agencies that may be specific to certain events or plans.Michael Kors UK

Clarion County has seen a number of disasters over the years. In 1985, Clarion County was touched by some of the worst tornados to ever occur in Western Pennsylvania. A large amount of wind damage occurred in the Northern Municipalities of Clarion County. In 1996, one of the worst floods in the recent history of Clarion County occurred. There were many homes and businesses destroyed and one fatality did occur as a result of the flood. In the first six months of 2017 Clarion County has seen an unpresidented six tornados and three heavy rain events. Michael Kors UK

Clarion County Emergency Management Staff are continuously updating and developing emergency plans and researching the resources that are available in Clarion County. Some recent accomplishments that the Emergency Management Division has accomplished are renovating and equipping a new Emergency Operation Center, the development and implementation of a new County Emergency Operations Plan and the development and implementation of a County Hazard Mitigation Plan that every Township or Borough in Clarion County adopted as well.Michael Kors UK

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